House Rules


Building regulations

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the building.

Alcohol Regulations:

  • Unattended or self-serve bars are prohibited, including self-serve kegs.  Lessee must have a licensed bartender approved by Lessor for any alcohol service.
  • Serving of alcohol to persons under 21 years of age is strictly prohibited and will be considered a breach of the Lease Agreement.
  • Under no circumstances may open containers of alcohol leave the GAST House with guests.  Any opened containers must be removed from the premises by catering personnel or by the Lessee.
  • All alcoholic beverages must be served from the bar.
  • Any penalty or fine rendered as a result of any violation by Lessee of the Oklahoma Alcohol Beverage Control Act and/or the Rules and  regulations of the ABLE Commission on the Leased Premises shall be the sole responsibility and liability of the Lessee.

In accordance with fire codes, the building exits must not be blocked at any time.

Only professional, full service caterers approved by Lessor in advance will be permitted to work within the leased premises. The kitchen is a prep-kitchen only. Usage of our cooking/warming machines not permitted. No ice machine is available. A freezer and double wide refrigerator are available for use.

No antique furnishings, mirrors, or portraits shall be moved or removed by the Lessee.  No heavy items may be placed on these antique furnishings or on the piano in the Great Hall. No liquids may be placed on the piano or organ. The flags displayed in the foyer may not be removed. Property belonging to the Lessor, wherever located shall not be moved to any other location or floor, and any such property, including holiday decor, used during an event is to be returned to its original place unless instructed otherwise by the Venue Manager or Event Host.

Amplified music is allowed within certain specifications. Lessee must furnish equipment. The Venue Manager or Event Host shall have the right to regulate the size of the equipment and the decibel level of amplification during the event. 



Lessees must use only the chairs provided by the Lessor. No outside or rented chairs are permitted in the building. Bistro tables or additional rectangle tables are permitted.

After the event, tables shall be left in place and chairs shall be left near their respective tables. Tables and chairs shall not be dragged across the floor. If it is necessary to move furniture, it must be lifted completely off the floor. The chair trolley shall be used to avoid damage to the floor.

Fastening anything to the walls, doors, ceilings, or light fixtures is prohibited. Decorations must be free standing. The Stage may be decorated using the existing cup hooks.

No sand, rock, artificial snow or like material is to be placed on the floors or other surfaces.

Because it is difficult to remove certain materials from the floor, rugs, and grounds, and because certain materials can create hazards, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, WHEAT, RICE, FLOWER PETALS, BIRDSEED OR CONFETTI may be thrown inside the building. Flower petals, rice, and birdseed are acceptable ONLY if they remain outside the building at all times (including storage and distribution to guests).

Sparklers are permitted outside as long as properly stored and discarded. 

Decorating outside the GAST House must be approved by the Venue Manager.



Plastic trash containers are available. Protective liners shall be used and removed by the client at the end of the event. A dumpster is located outside the building behind the kitchen for use. 

Clean up arrangements, including removal of catering equipment, decorating items, music and sound equipment shall be removed from the building at or before the end of the leased period. Additional time will result in late charges, in minimum one-hour increments, to be charged to the credit card on file.

All items brought in by Lessee must be removed at the close of the event, including any trash which cannot be disposed of in the dumpster. Arrangements can be made for pickup of rental equipment.

The piano and pipe organ are each available for rental. If not included in the Rental Agreement, neither should be used, moved, or uncovered except with the approval and under the supervision of the Venue Manager or Event Host.

The Lessee will restrict use of the building to the areas leased.  Additional area use will result in additional charges.

By execution of the Lease Agreement, Lessee agrees to pay the additional costs of cleaning and damages should these rules be violated, with a minimum fee of $50.00.